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Why Squeeze In?   |   History   |   Team

We want our franchise brand partners to be profitable in business. With our highly organized and structured operational and training systems, you’ll be set up for success from day one.

We're in the people business. We understand the importance of people on all sides of the business equation from guests, to associates, vendors and franchise brand partners. We know that happiness matters to the bottom line.

Your Life at Squeeze In:


Why Squeeze In?

Our Franchise Mission:

Happy Owners. Every Day.

The money's in the morning. Plain and simple.

Breakfast and lunch are less costly to prepare. Line cooks prepare delectable proprietary Squeeze In recipes from readily available, fresh ingredients for our loyal guests.

Our Store Mission:

Happy Guests. Happy Associates. Every Day.

Everyone loves breakfast! We serve delicious American fare and offer items with a Mexican flair. Omelettes, our specialty, along with items such as bacon or ham and eggs, pancakes and huevos rancheros, quesadillas and burritos among many other items. View and download our awesome menu to see the depth and breadth of our mouth watering offerings.

In today's fast paced, more people are looking for a way to be a business owner AND have a family life.
The Squeeze In is your perfect fit.

Squeeze In Locations:

Squeeze In Locations 23 Truckee 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 South Reno 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 Sparks 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 Carson City 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 Fort Apache 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 Eastern 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 NW Reno 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 Modesto 2
Squeeze In Locations 23 Eagle 2

Everyone Loves Breakfast:

In our California locations, with just a beer and wine license, the Squeeze In serves bubbly mimosas (we make them strong, our guests love them!) and Bloody Marys, along with other beverages. Our Nevada locations have full liquor licenses and can serve an even wider variety of breakfast cocktails.


We’ve dialed in every aspect of the Squeeze In from exceptional guest service to recipes. We've systematized everything from administration and marketing to physical plant layout and function to assure the highest likelihood of success and profitability for our franchise brand partners.

With locations now on the books in various stages of operations or development, the future of the company is bright. With a strong and committed focus on The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success including leadership; operations; financials; products/services; and marketing, the company is poised for continued professional growth and massive expansion and profitability.

Everything we do is focused on people - both those who are paying to be at the Squeeze In and those being paid to be there.

We're in the people business, we happen to serve breakfast and lunch, and we do a great job at it. Great products, great people and a great brand with everything it takes to become a major national player. Become part of the ground floor of this fun and profitable family business.

Let the Squeeze In serve your family the way it did ours: with a solid income opportunity and limited operating hours to support your family lifestyle. We are eager to speak with you!


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