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Squeeze In Franchising Breakfast

The Squeeze In Story

Picture a breakfast joint so snug, you practically need butter to slide in the door. That’s the original Squeeze In, a 10-foot-3-inch sliver of sunshine in Truckee, California.

Founded in 1974, this omelette oasis is still putting smiles on faces as well as we squeeze people in. Between pancakes like pillows and walls scribbled with signatures like constellations, the restaurant radiates a funky, irresistible charm. It wasn’t just any breakfast joint; it was a beacon of community, a time capsule of groovy vibes, and a secret handshake only locals knew and Misty and Gary Young, believed in this golden yolk of destiny from their very first visit.

Fueled by daydreams of entrepreneurship and a lot coffee, the Young family hatched a plan as fresh as our eggs turning their retirement funds into a reality. They packed up their daughters, Shila & Kay, waved goodbye to Reno and headed to Truckee to become restauranteurs serving up the best omelettes on the planet.

Four years later, the Squeeze In’s legend wasn’t just sizzling in Truckee anymore. Shila and her husband, Chad, joined the family scramble, whisking up plans to open their own Squeeze In back in their hometown of Reno, Nevada.

Moral of our tiny little restaurant story with a big message; if Misty and Gary could do it with no restaurant experience and a ton of heart, so can you!

Eggs-quisite Squeeze In Saga

  • Squeeze In Franchising Truckee


    The original Squeeze In restaurant opened in Historic Downtown Truckee, California in May 1974. Specializing in omelettes, sandwiches and soups, the tiny breakfast and lunch restaurant had a mere 12 tables and just enough seating for 49 guests.

  • 2004

    The “Modern Founders” Gary and Misty Young became the owners of Squeeze In on January 1, 2004. Once they acquired the original Truckee location, revenues and guest counts immediately saw healthy and substantial increases.

  • 2008

    Seeing huge success with Truckee, opening a 2nd location in NW Reno, NV where the family is originally from, was an eggs-cellent opportunity! Our Northwest Reno location opened on February 1, 2008.

  • 2010

    Featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay! The national broadcast catapulted the business to instant stardom allowing the business to continue its growth by spreading the love to more towns and continuing to serve up the best omelettes on the planet!

  • 2011-2014

    We continued expanding our footprint across the state of Nevada with each location opening to eggs-citing numbers and crowds.

  • Squeeze In Location Fort Apache


    We welcomed our first franchisees into the Squeeze In family; opening in the hot market of Las Vegas, NV.

  • 2024-Present Day

    Celebrating our 50th Year Anniversary, we continue to grow our franchise family with franchisees who have a passion for crave-worthy food and eggs-ceptional guest service!


The Juice Behind The Squeeze


Amir Sabetian

Favorite Menu Item:
Eggs Benedict


Alicia Gibson

VP of People & Training
Favorite Menu Item:
Veggie Benny

Meredeth Jones

VP of Franchise Development
Favorite Menu Item:
Huevos Montana


Chad Morris

Favorite Menu Item:
Biscuits & Gravy


Ian Kirkpatrick

Director of Operations
Favorite Menu Item:
Southwest Bowl


Victoria Vagjrt

Director of Marketing
Favorite Menu Item:
The Omelettes!


Luke Drymalski

Traning Coordinator
Favorite Menu Item:
Tacos Please!


Uriah Valentine

Food & Beverage Coordinator
Favorite Menu Item:
French Toast