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Low Stress Business Model

Low Startup Franchise Restaurant Masters Low Stress Business Model!

Squeeze In Franchising Team

Restaurants are well-known as a high stress environment. From investors to servers, everyone has a reason to feel overwhelmed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive industry.

In fact, a study conducted by scientists at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China, determined that it was more stressful to be a server than a neurosurgeon! After analyzing over 100k participants, they found servers have a 22% higher risk of suffering a stroke than those with low stress jobs.

That’s why so many restaurant owners are looking for low-stress models of management that allow them the oft recited, rarely attained work/life balance. That’s where a surprise competitor has come out, omelette’s a-blazin’, to demonstrate a values-based approach to business that has literal neuro-science baked into its business strategy.

Squeeze In Franchising Kay

“We believe in service on a grand scale,” says Squeeze In CEO, Amir Sabetian. “A business model that is designed to positively impact mental health is a game-changer.”

Although Squeeze In has been in business since 1974, their emergence as a franchise brand has recently shaken up the market with an interesting concept: A breakfast/brunch/lunch model designed to free up evenings for owners while promoting a values-centric culture. AND they’re doing it with a low startup cost!

With existing units in 3 states, Squeeze In has an extraordinary team of leaders driving business through values-based actions. “We want to be a safe place for everyone; guests, associates, owners, and vendors,” says VP Of People, Alicia Gibson. “That means being a mentally safe environment where experience matters. Our policies and programs are reflective of that.”

Her department works in tandem with the other areas of leadership within the organization to ensure that both guests and employee experiences are top of mind. From associate engagement surveys to conference events, Squeeze In is determined to ensure that both visiting and working at Squeeze In are positive experiences for everyone.

In fact, in 2022 they disrupted the market when they began paying associates to take lunch breaks!

“We feel that financial concerns should never impact an associate’s ability to take a genuine mental health break during the day. That’s why we not only pay for breaks, but we provide free meals to our team members too!” Says CEO Amir Sabetian. “We’ve seen a great deal of success with this program!”

Squeeze In Franchising Team

So how are they doing it? Simple: They’re using the principles of neuroscience to craft company values that are strictly designed to retrain the brain with positive reinforcement. Essentially: They celebrate to elevate!

In January of 2023 the company introduced this new value and is set to continue their forward momentum in the mental health movement by reinforcing behaviors rather than rectifying them.

With a low startup cost, operating hours from 7:30-2, and a business model designed to get the most out of your investment, Squeeze In won’t remain a secret for long!