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The Heartwarming Origins of Squeeze In: A Journey from Cozy Nook to National Sensation

Nestled in the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountain town of Truckee, CA, Squeeze In first opened its doors in 1974, offering a unique and intimate breakfast experience. At just 10 feet wide and 62 feet long, guests literally have to “squeeze in” to enjoy the cozy nook that promises ‘the best omelettes on the planet.’ This charming, eclectic space, with its boozy mimosas, colorful decor, and unforgettable charm, quickly became a beloved local gem.

In the 1990s, the Young family was among the many who fell in love with Squeeze In’s irresistible allure. Often making the drive from Truckee to their home in nearby Reno, Gary and Misty Young would dream aloud, saying, “If we could do anything at all, we would own and operate the Squeeze In.” That dream became a reality in 2004 when they got the chance to purchase the restaurant. They made a bold Nevada-style bet, leveraging everything they had – cashing in their savings and retirement, quitting their careers, and calling in every family favor – to buy the original location.

Their hard work and dedication paid off. As the restaurant’s popularity grew, they expanded in 2007 and beyond, bringing their daughters, Kay Young and Shila Morris, into the partnership to help expand the brand. Today, the sisters are still at the helm, steering the ship with the same passion and love their parents had. Squeeze In has grown to 10 locations across three states, with two more on the way, continuing to spread the magic that started in Truckee.

At Squeeze In, we believe breakfast should be more than just a meal – it should be an event, a celebration, and a warm gathering place. By ditching standard brunch fare and embracing generous servings, a kaleidoscope of choices, and an atmosphere bursting with love and liveliness, we’re redefining the breakfast scene. Our menu is a testament to this philosophy, featuring everything from our legendary omelettes to boozy mimosas and Bloody Marys that add a delightful twist to any morning.

As we continue to spread the love through franchising, we are sharing our culture of little spaces serving big breakfasts across the nation. Squeeze In isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a revolution in the way people enjoy breakfast and brunch. We invite enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join us in this journey, offering the opportunity to own a part of a growing franchise that’s rooted in love, community, and exceptional food. The Squeeze In franchise opportunity allows for franchisees to be home in the evening with their families, thanks to only 45 weekly operating hours and simplified single-shift operations. It is also cost-effective to open, with the ability to open three Squeeze In locations for the price of one big-box franchise brand. Our franchising model is designed to support owners with the tools and guidance they need to succeed, ensuring that every Squeeze In location embodies the same spirit and quality that started in Truckee.

Whether you’re a breakfast aficionado looking for your next favorite spot, or an aspiring business owner ready to bring a beloved brand to your community, Squeeze In is your destination. Join us in our mission to redefine the breakfast experience, one amazing meal at a time. Come Squeeze In and be part of our story – a story that’s just beginning and has so much more love to share.

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